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Robert van Haarlem
Hey, I'm
Robert van Haarlem
Hey, I'm
Robert van Haarlem


After my MSc in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the ETH-Zürich I started my professional career as a software engineer. This makes now more than 20 years of passion in this awesome domain.

During my career, I had the chance to contribute to a multitude of different IT projects and act in a variety of roles. From a junior software engineer learning the basics of C++ to an experienced solution architect today.

A special attention always relied in the software engineering process itself. Especially the agile methods convinced me from the start. I certified as Scrum-Professional in 2012 at the Scrum-Alliance. Next to the expertise within Software-Engineering and within the building of scaling, performant and robust IT solutions, I bring with me a long experience as an IT-consultant.

My current main topics of focus are Domain-Driven-Design as well as Cloud- and Microservices-based solutions.

latest thoughts

Microservices are nothing new

Published August 2018

Microservices are still producing a lot of headlines these days...

what I've done so far

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